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Re: Richard Sinclair in Japan, Patriot Day

Muy chistoso. Yo prefero Ingle's, no Espanol o France's. "Aprende Ingles, el
mundo es suyo". Pero, tu sabe ese. Tu habla Ingle's con mucho elocuencia.

On Sept. 11th, I have attended two remembrances of that sad occasion. Our
president has declared this date as Patriot Day, and ordered all flags flown
at half mast each year. It will always be a day of remembrance, as long as
the stars and stripes wave over our land. As with the great wars for
independence and freedom, the events of 9-11-2001 SHALL never deminish in
the hearts and minds of those who witnessed it, even if only by television.
At one gathering, I heard a man speak who served proudly in the rescue
effort. Patriotism is alive. May it never deminish.

Stan St. Clair

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>Desgraciadamente sí! Mais je préfère français. L'italiano comunque è
>l'elegent, namyn Cymraeg ydy 'n gigyddlyd. Next I learn  American after I
>master Australian. What we must discuss is our dreams, our history and our
>ambitions.  The events of last September overshadows all. today. Our
>personalities are unimportant when we compare to the action and passion of

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