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Re: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité pour tous

At 11:29 AM 11/09/02 EDT, Jean wrote:
>Dear Ian -
>You write that I seem to think Sinclair is French but it is not so.
>It does not, however, take much of a Sherlock Homes to detect that he is of 
>the French culture.  

Your version must have been written by someone other than Conan-Doyle
then Jean!  I'd put away that magnifying glass and hang up the deer-stalker

>His e-mails emanate from France.  


>From the way he 
>translates or mistranslates terms from French to English I would be willing 
>to bet his first language is French rather than English.

Please don't put too much money down!   I've had a good tip that he is from
_much_ further north.  It's from the cheval's mouth in fact! (or should that
be chevalet?)

>His submissions 
>reflect the Weltanschauung and hangups of the French culture. Perhaps 
>technically he is not French.  Perhaps he is Walloon (French-speaking 
>Belgian) or suisse romand (French-speaking Swiss).  It would be a long-shot 
>for him to be an French Canadian expatriate.  But it does not matter. He is 
>of the French culture.  

Could you give me his shoe size as well?  I definitely would like a copy
of the email program you use!    (-:   

>Just as you in Australia are of the English-speaking 
>world and reflect its outlook and hangups. 

Do I really?   Which email did I give that away in, or was it perhaps my
typing style?  Does my accent come through that strongly in dot matrix?
You really know me that well....... we just _have_ to be cousins!

>As to who "us" is, "Us" is us of the English-speaking world.

You may say that, I can't possibly comment.


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia

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