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Re: Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité pour tous

Dear Jean

Every one has a right to their opinion.  No one has a right to get the facts
wrong.  The anti lynching bill was introduced in 1901 not 1902.

You wrote on 28 August "Isn't there a dirty little secret that French
Canadians so resisted fighting for the liberation of France or anybody else
that the Canadian government gave up on  trying to draft them? "

I asked for information.  You responded with silence.

Jean wrote "It is stated that Louis XV surrounded himself with his
ministers,excluding the grand nobles..."  On 1 September I asked  "Who is
that stated by?"  You responded, once again with silence.

I write about Louis XIV you respond with Louis XV.  .

Britain stood alone after France had fallen. The French Government and it's
collaboration with the Nazi is both well know and despicable. on 28 August I
wrote "France capitulated.  Even the sacrifice of the 51st Highland Division
not keep the French fighting. More Britons and Commonwealth sons lie in war
graves than Frenchmen.  The collaborators are still a shame for
France.America lost over 300,000 of her sons."

The Dreyfus case was outrageous.  Are we to repeat these mistakes?

Here is another French joke "The Channel Tunnel was built to allow the
French Government to escape to London."

I think detention without charge and secret trial is just plan wrong.

You wrote "Spare us protestations of great love of Anglos while slyly
sticking it to us.   If the object is to get a rise out of us, you succeed."

Who is the us you refer to?

One line throw away dinner party talk may make a punch line impression  If I
got a rise out you why don't you respond with something of substance?

My father died on a beach in France.  He was wearing a British Army uniform.

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> Sinclair waxes eloquent about liberty and justice for all, while reaching
> back to criticize some bill that failed in the American Congress over a
> hundred years ago in 1902.
> Wouldn't that be about the time that the democratic government of the

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