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Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité pour tous

Sinclair waxes eloquent about liberty and justice for all, while reaching 
back to criticize some bill that failed in the American Congress over a 
hundred years ago in 1902.

Wouldn't that be about the time that the democratic government of the French 
Third Republic railroaded an innocent army officer, Alfred Dreyfus, to do 
time on Devil's Island?

And more recent history.  Wasn't that French government at Vichy in World War 
II rounding up French citizens of Jewish extraction to turn them over Nazis 
for the death camps?

Would that be the time when the Anglos were going it alone after the French 
had thrown in the towel, giving rise to jokes like this? Why are the highways 
across the French countryside lined with tall trees?  Answer: So the German 
Army can march in the shade.

And after the Nazis had been vanquished and democracy restored to France?  
Wasn't it the democratic Fourth Republic of France that tortured the 
daylights out of Algerians during the Algerian War for Independence in the 

Spare us protestations of great love of Anglos while slyly sticking it to us. 
 If the object is to get a rise out of us, you succeed. 

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