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Re: Sir John Sinclair's History of the Revenue.

Dear John:
The first thing I would do/add/correct is the use of the moniker "Jamie"
I have read a fair amount of material on the man and he was never referred
to as "Jamie" by anybody that I  saw.
He had a brother James and also a son James and calling him "Jamie" even as
a nickname would have made a shambles of family life --- far too many
James's.  I know Sinclair  is your source for this but I would ask for a
written source on it or remove it.
I truly believe this is in error so  prove me wrong.


PS  When the whirlwind stops over xmas,  I may write a quick synopsis of the
Mitchison book which is very good, non-hagiographic, warts-and-all view of
this tireless man.


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