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Re: Macbeth, Duncan, and Thorfinn first cousins.


The first web page you gave gives some misinformation in that it lists two
mothers fot Duncan and none for the other cousins.

My files indicate that this Agnes (b. 1054 in Devonshire), the daughter of
Waldrerne or Waldron de St. Clare (from Normandy) was married to Robert de
Brus's brother, William, Lord Bramber, and Robert was married to ANOTHER
Agnes de St. Clair (Born Abt. 1064) apparently in Normandy.

What do we believe? Genealogies are hard to be secure about. I read all
sources and do my best to compare and consider the authors. That is why I
have been so careful about my own. Burkes is a more reliable source. Curious
as to the ommission of Anleta/Alice's name.

Also, very interesting commentary on Lady Macbeth. As I stated previously,
the entire senario makes fascinating reading.


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>>After going through reems of information (much conflicting) and trying
>>to reach the most likely conclusion, I have arrived at the following,
>>somewhat different than my aforegoing thoughts:

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