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Re: Macbeth, Duncan, and Thorfinn first cousins.


>The first web page you gave gives some misinformation in that it lists two
>mothers fot Duncan and none for the other cousins.

Two mothers is pretty impressive.
I wondered when I couldn't find any sources listed on it....

>My files indicate that this Agnes (b. 1054 in Devonshire), the daughter of
>Waldrerne or Waldron de St. Clare (from Normandy) was married to Robert de
>Brus's brother, William, Lord Bramber, and Robert was married to ANOTHER
>Agnes de St. Clair (Born Abt. 1064) apparently in Normandy.

What's your source?

>What do we believe?

I'd tend to believe Burke's before some of the others I listed.

> Genealogies are hard to be secure about. I read all
>sources and do my best to compare and consider the authors. That is why I
>have been so careful about my own. Burkes is a more reliable source. Curious
>as to the ommission of Anleta/Alice's name.
>Also, very interesting commentary on Lady Macbeth. As I stated previously,
>the entire senario makes fascinating reading.



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