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Re: Sinclair Dates

Shows a different slant on Battle  of  Kringellen,  than

http://www2.cddc.vt.edu/gutenberg/etext04/lionn10.txt I think that I have
included all necessary legal material for distribution.  This etext was
produced by Martin Robb (MartinRobb@ieee.org)

The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Lion of the North, by G.A. Henty
(#8 in our series by G.A. Henty)

"....Colonel Monkhoven, a Swedish officer, had enlisted 2300 men in Scotland
for service with Gustavus, and sailed with them and with a regiment 900
strong raised by Sinclair entirely
of his own clan and name. Sweden was at war with Denmark, and Stockholm was
invested by the Danish fleet when Monkhoven arrived with his ships. Finding
that he was unable to land, he sailed north, landed at Trondheim, and
marching over the Norwegian Alps reached Stockholm in safety, where the
appearance of his reinforcements
discouraged the Danes and enabled Gustavus to raise the siege.

"Unfortunately Colonel Sinclair's regiment had not kept with Monkhoven, it
being thought better that they should march by different routes so as to
distract the attention of the Norwegians, who were bitterly hostile.  The
Sinclairs were attacked several times, but beat off their assailants; when
passing, however, through the tremendous gorge of Kringellen, the peasantry
of the whole surrounding country gathered in the mountains.  The road wound
along on one side of the gorge. So steep was the hill that the path was cut
in solid rock which rose almost precipitously on one side, while far below
at their feet rushed a rapid torrent. As the Sinclairs were marching along
through this rocky gorge a tremendous fire was opened upon
them from the pine forests above, while huge rocks and stones came bounding
down the precipice.

"The Sinclairs strove in vain to climb the mountainside and get at their
foes. It was impossible, and they were simply slaughtered where they stood,
only one man of the whole regiment escaping to tell the story."

"That was a terrible massacre indeed," Malcolm said.  "I have read of a good
many surprises and slaughters in our Scottish history, but never of such
complete destruction as that only one man out of 900 should escape. And was
the slaughter never avenged?"

[Portions of this eBook's header and trailer may be reprinted only
when distributed free of all fees.  Copyright (C) 2001, 2002 by
Michael S. Hart.  Project Gutenberg is a TradeMark and may not be
used in any sales of Project Gutenberg eBooks or other materials be
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express permission.]


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