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Sinclair Dates

   August 26

   1346: B. Crecy,
   [2]Edward  III  of  England  defeats  Philip  VI of France. This was a
   battle  in  the  Hundred  Years'  War  (1337-1453)  between France and
   England,  and  was  one  of  the  earliest  times  that Welsh longbows
   defeated  French  knights. The French had crossbow from Genoa, but the
   Genoese  crossbowmen  were tired, ill-ordered, and were ridden down by
   their  own  side's  knights,  who  then  were  shot  down by the Welsh
   longbows.Source: Chronicles of Jean Froissart

   1612:  Battle  of  Kringellen,  [3]Regiment  of Caithness men led by a
   Sinclair wiped out in an ambush in Norway.

   1698:  Darien  fleet  at Madeira, All the ships have arrived safely at

   1789:  Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, France became
   a  a  nation  open  to  all  who  define  themselves  as free men. The
   Declaration claimed to be universal in application.

   2000: Viking Ships in Nova Scotia, Halifax.

   2000:  Pillarguri  Days 2000 main day, Same date as the 1612 [4]Battle
   of Kringen.

   2001:   Sharon  Francis  Sinclair,  d.,  mother  of  Donald  Sinclair,
   Indianapolis, lost her battle with cancer this morning.


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