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Re: Duncan, Macbeth, and Thorfinn first cousins?


>According to my information, Macbeth's mother, Donelda, and Duncan's mother,
>Bethoc (Beatrix) were sisters, and granddaughters of Malcolm II from his
>daughter, Sigrid. The article below stated this a little differently,
>however, either way, they were cousins.

That makes sense.

>The above is also an interesting webpage concerning Lady Macbeth, formerly
>Lady Gruoch, and states that she killed Duncan to gain the throne for her
>husband. Other sources state that Macbeth later married Sybil Fitzward,
>Duncan's widow, and the mother of his children.
>This is quite a fascinating subject.

The remaining question is: how is Thorfinn also Duncan and Macbeth's first


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