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Re: Duncan, Macbeth, and Thorfinn first cousins?


According to my information, Macbeth's mother, Donelda, and Duncan's mother,
Bethoc (Beatrix) were sisters, and granddaughters of Malcolm II from his
daughter, Sigrid. The article below stated this a little differently,
however, either way, they were cousins.


The above is also an interesting webpage concerning Lady Macbeth, formerly
Lady Gruoch, and states that she killed Duncan to gain the throne for her
husband. Other sources state that Macbeth later married Sybil Fitzward,
Duncan's widow, and the mother of his children.

This is quite a fascinating subject.


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Subject: Duncan, Macbeth, and Thorfinn first cousins?

>I'm puzzled by the comment that Macbeth, Thorfinn, and Duncan were
>first cousins.  It made sense when I first saw it, but now I can't
>figure it out.
>Can anyone elucidate?

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