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Sinclair Dates

   August 10

   1175: Treaty of Falaise,
   [2]William  the  Lyon  becomes  prisoner  of  English  at  Falaise  in
   Normandy,  and  there  signs  treaty  with  Henry II making Scotland a
   feudal  posession  of  England.  ``William  ...  swore  fealty  as his
   liege-man to the King of England. Nor he alone; his bishops and nobles
   were  partners  with him in this surrender of the ancient independence
   of  their country, and the transaction was concluded, and Henry's hold
   upon  Scotland  made  complete  by  the delivery into his hands of the
   castles of Edinburgh, Stirling, Berwick, Roxburgh, and Jedburgh, which
   were now garrisoned with his troops.''

   1460: James III, Coronation as King of Scots


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