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Re: Sinclair Dates

At 02:26 PM 08/08/02 -0500, John Q wrote:
>>1821:  Missouri, the Show Me State, became the 24th state of the
>>          Union. (I'd appreciate someone explaining to a dumb Aussie
>>          what that terminology above means! - Ian)
>The Union referred to is the United States of America.
>Several methods of joining are possible; I don't recall which one Missouri
>The Show Me State refers to how people from Missouri are supposedly
>hard-headed and practical.

It was actually just the "Show Me" part I needed an explanation for - sorry
for not being specific enough there!   Thanks for that anyway!

>References are good.  We may be overusing this one; at some point
>we'll be beyond fair use.
>Also, the most interesting items to this list
>are probably ones that are Sinclair or Scottish related.

- and there again, my intention was to send it directly to you John, to
enable you to first sift through what I'd presented and cull if necessary.
So I went and sent it directly to the list - not a good day for me was it?
I'll get it right next time!


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia

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