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RE: Balkanise


Is your single most important fact one that Genghis Khan, Stalin, Mao,
Hitler perpetrated, none of whom can be called pillars of the church?
(Although I think the young  Stalin went to a seminary for a short while -
he was expelled?)

However I agree that many have died in the name of religion. I was in New
York in July 1976 on a SA Navy vessel anchored in front of the Statue of
Liberty, and enjoyed the day. Fortunately the USA gets most things right,
most of the time, and thus the world is very fortunate having this great
as it's leader.


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It is impossible to teach history, civics, science without a mention of , at
the risk of being remanded to the goal prior to my contempt of court
hearing. by the American 9th circuit court, God. The single most important
fact in the history of the world has been what men have done in God's name.

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