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Re: Balkanise

I'm having a little trouble following this thread.
So people who object to a government-enforced pledge
of allegiance involving a mention of the Christian God
are atheists and equivalent to the Spanish Inquisition?
I must tell my Jewish, Hindu, and Buddhist friends this news....

Really, haven't we wandered far enough afield in this thread?
Are there no Sinclair doings to discuss?

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>

>The key issue here is the cultural value of "tolerance" (for other's beliefs).
>Where tolerance is missing, balkanization occurs, and the nation so afflicted
>remains at war with itself and never achieves it's potential.
>However do not mistake the current anti-religious movement in the US with
>tolerance.  It is in fact the epitome of intolerance. It's practitioners
>emulate the Inquisition's quest for religious purification, except in  their
>case, the "religion" they seek to impose is Atheism.
>It is interesting to note that Spain, (the country that participated most

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