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Tucson Celtic Festival & Scottish Highland Games

Greetings from Arizona.  The Tucson Celtic Festival Association invited Clan 
Sinclair to be their "Honored Clan" for their 2002 Games on November 1 and 2. 
 I accepted, of course.  This information is provided to the discussion list 
almost four months in advance of the Games because I am excited about Clan 
Sinclair being the "Chosen One".  November 1 (Friday) is setup day for the 
Clans, followed  by a Barbeque, Torchlight Ceremony and Ceilidh that evening. 
 November 2 (Saturday) is Games day.  Clan Sinclair will setup in a prominent 
location.  Just ask and you will be pointed in the right direction to join 
the Sinclair's in our tent.  It's not too early to make plans for attending.  
Mark it on your calendars and if you would like further information, contact 
me off list.
Rufus Sinclair
Commissioner, Arizona    
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