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Re: Balkanise

 labehotiere@wanadoo.fr writes:
> The 9th Cir. decision has been stayed but for how long? 

GAC: Until the en banc decision is rendered.

If the decision is not reversed what happens to the American national anthem 
> the American Congress adopted in 1931? The fourth stanza 6th line states 
> "And this be our motto:  In God we trust"?

GAC: Dang! There are four verses to that thing (I've always preferred America 
the Beautiful, myself)?  

Nothing happens.  First, it only applies in the 9th Cir.  Secondly, greater 
latitude is usually given to musical composition.  Third, it is not my 
experience that school children sing all four verses (thank goodness).  

Having said that, I think your argument is on point, IF the current 9th Cir. 
ruling is upheld.  To require school children to listen to that line (or most 
of America the Beautiful) would seem to violate the rationale of the current 
9th Cir. ruling.  

> The tune to the American national anthem  is by the way British 'To 
> Anacreon in Heaven' written  by John Stafford Smith, a British composer 
> born in 1750 AD and died in 1836 AD a former choir boy at the Chapel Royal 
> London. His memorial is in  Gloucester Cathedral  Gloucester, 
> Gloucestershire, England. Oh well let it all hang out,  He was a Freemason. 

Okay, now I'm mad <G>.  
> AD stands for anno Domini. which translates as 'the year of our Lord'.  Do 
> we have to start writting that silly CE now? What does the capital letter 
> "G" in the Masonic symbol stand for?

Actually, the current buzz among historians, as you indicate, is CE.  The 
first time I heard it I was rather confused (not an unusual state, I 
concede).  If a teacher in the 9th Cir. were to require children to use that 
term (rather than just showing they know the meaning of it), I think you may 
have a point.  However, you use the pronoun, "We." Admittedly, my behavior is 
often that of a school child, but the ruling does not apply outside the 
school room in the 9th Cir.  

To reply to your rhetorical question, "G" stands for the name of Deity in 
part of the Masonic ritual.  However, despite what some conspiracists may 
tell you, the Masonic Fraternity is not part of the US Government.  It is 
only the compulsion of the US Government which is at issue.  Indeed, the 1st 
Amendment (and in the EU, the Human Rights accord) protects the Fraternity in 
its use of the symbol and its requirement that applicants believe in Deity 
and the immortality of the soul.  

> Would American money have to be redesigned the obverse bears the words "In 

Well, I'm tempted to say you can't keep it, and all $2.00 bills must be sent 
to me.  However, I'd probably only get $3.00 bills.  The Fifth Amendment 
would prevent the US Government from taking that bill (assuming you were in 
the U.S.) without recompensing you for it.  More to the point, you are not a 
school child in the 9th Cir. being required to carry a $2.00 bill.  

Now, all this isn't to say whether I support the ruling or not.  Nor is it 
the opinion of any entity in which I may hold a position or commission.  

Glen Cook