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Re: Balkanise

My friend Sinclair,

Among the items which I collect are world coins and currencies.  I have a
few ancient coins from the times od Constantine and Ceasar,
plus a considerable amount in "Worthless" Reichsbanknotes. One of the 100
Mark bills is especially interesting. My entire collection is for my
pleasure only, just as the two dollar bill in your pocket. I have a few of
them, too. As with Hitlers money, some day you may look on the two dollar
bill and say, "This is a piece of history."  Two dollar bills are mostly
collectors items even now, and not in regular circulation.

Even though the ruling of which you continue to speak has been put on the
shelf, America will continue to make changes with which many of us disagree.
My first reaction was great displeasure. Which was common. I make no
appologies for my feeling. A local columnist wrote, "This has given the
conservative Christian community more to get up in arms about than at any
time since St. Ronnie Reagan", and at the end of his article he concluded,
"I doubt that God is wringing His hands over it". And I'm sure is right. He
doesn't have to be convinced that He exists and should be recognized.

My best,

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>It is impossible to teach history, civics, science without a mention of ,
>the risk of being remanded to the goal prior to my contempt of court
>hearing. by the American 9th circuit court, God. The single most important
>fact in the history of the world has been what men have done in God's name.

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