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Re: Balkanise

Dear Glen Cook

The 9th Cir. decision has been stayed but for how long? If the decision is not reversed what happens to the American national anthem that the American Congress adopted in 1931? The fourth stanza 6th line states "And this be our motto:  In God we trust"?

The tune to the American national anthem  is by the way British 'To Anacreon in Heaven' written  by John Stafford Smith, a British composer born in 1750 AD and died in 1836 AD a former choir boy at the Chapel Royal London. His memorial is in  Gloucester Cathedral  Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England. Oh well let it all hang out,  He was a Freemason. 

AD stands for anno Domini. which translates as 'the year of our Lord'.  Do we have to start writting that silly CE now? What does the capital letter "G" in the Masonic symbol stand for?

Would American money have to be redesigned the obverse bears the words "In God we trust" Do I get to keep my two dollar bill? 

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