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Re: Balkanise

 You know, we always worry about clients who spend time peeking out the 
window to see if the government men are after them.  <G>

You can mention God in the classroom in the context of discussing history.  I 
think it's quite correct to indicate it would be impossible to adequately 
teach areas of history without doing so: How else to explain the Reformation, 
Huguenots, the Pilgrims, the Mormon migration in the Western U.S. ?

Besides, the 9th Cir. decision has been stayed.

Glen Cook
labehotiere@wanadoo.fr writes:

> It is impossible to teach history, civics, science without a mention of , at 
> the risk of being remanded to the goal prior to my contempt of court 
> hearing. by the American 9th circuit court, God. The single most important 
> fact in the history of the world has been what men have done in God's name. 
> I am peeking out my window to see if the 9th circuit is watching.
> I have an American 2 dollar bill in my wallet.  It was given to me in 1976 
> by a dear friend.  For years I have kept it in my wallet.  I wonder if I 
> will have to destroy this inflammatory piece of propaganda?