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Re: Stone Mt. & Grandfather Mt. Games

Dear Rory,

Just making sure you are meaning Stone Mt. instead of Grandfather Mt., sInce
to my regret I will not be able to attend Grandfather Mt. I will truly be
looking forward to meeting you at Stone Mt. We should have a blast with
everyone there! Saturday night will be great with Clan Gunn, and we will get
to enjoy the music we have all heard so much about. If you have anything
from the Canadian Clan which you would like to display at our tent, bring it
and I will put it out (one item or so, as we will have lots of goodies).

Stan, GA Commissioner

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From: Rory Sinclair <rory.sinclair@rogers.com>
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Date: Tuesday, July 09, 2002 3:57 PM
Subject: Re: Grandfather Mt. Games & Charleston

>Well Mel:
>Word is out!  Too blessed many Sinclairs in Stone Mountain.
>I have decided to be  there and President Don has told me to bring both
>of pipes (Great Highland and Scottish Lowland0

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