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"Governments enforced prayer will fragment parents, teachers, school
governors and ultimately the students. Rather than teach values and morals,
school prayer could result in confrontations over who and what is considered
"holy". It can balkanise students into competing religious factions, and
isolate the many students who have no religious beliefs whatsoever. You must
have a certain admiration for a man who will swim against the current.  A
man whose beli......"


Many goverment funded schools around the world are secular, whilst most
funded schools in areas I have seen are church orientated ( South Africa,
England and France ). Do the secular governments see the church(s) as a
Is there an advantage in governments giving poor education ( and of course
at school level is an education although seldom a revelation) and no
religious instruction?
Does this provide easily led,stupid, compliant citizens? Does a private
religious school
provide better education? Many questions indeed. And the answer to all could
be yes.
Governments have often tried to control schools to their own ends.

I suppose I could easily say that if you cannot supply a current for a man
to swim
against ( at school ) then how can you teach him to swim? Good schools
the grounds for disbelief, questioning, and argument, and also provide
education in religion. Thus a godless child, from a godless home, can
learn about a god at an early stage of his life. Then he can choose a
direction to
go when he should decide to swim.


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