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Re: St Clair-Erskine (Wedderburn)

Dear Sally:
Aha!  Got it!
Why are funds being solicited for a Chapel that is
a: possibly thinly or not at all owned by a Sinclair (so why are Sinclairs
in support of this)
b: privately owned

You should check out  the Rosslyn Chapel Trust  Web Site for futher info on
this. ( I forget its site name but it is not hard to find)

Briefly, a few salient points:
1: In 1995The Chapel was put into a Trust under the Charities  Act under the
laws of  Scotland.  Peter Rosslyn 'owns' as much as anyone can 'own'
something that is listed by Historic Scotland and not a brick therefrom can
be changed without a proper vetting process.
The Trust is subject to rigorous public audit.
One could make a case that ownership in this case is a millstone around
one's neck.
2: The present family could not hope to restore this "national treasure"
(Historic Scotland's words not mine) without external help.  Enter the Trust
and subsequent brilliant applications for European funds which have been
sufficient to begin the long process of restoration.(a couple of million
pounds at last count)
3: The Chapel was clearly built by one of the most illustrious members of
the St. Clair family: William 3rd Str. Clair Earl of  Orkney.
4:We should contribute to such ventures because it is the right thing to
do ---because I think it is so I choose to contribute.  If you feel
differently,  you should not contribute.
I also happen to be quite content that the present Earl is "St.
Clair/Sinclair  enough for me"  but that is not even remotely the reason
why I love the place and want to see it restored.

Hope this is helpful.

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> Interest in Rosslyn - Sinclair does not own it - The Castle lands and
> the Chapel itself is property of the Earls of Rosslyn?  So Sinclair is
> raising money for its support, If I read correctly - at the permission
> of St. Clair-Erskine?  I wonder if Caithness would care to fill in our
> knowledge on this subject?

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