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St Clair-Erskine (Wedderburn)

Interest in Rosslyn - Sinclair does not own it - The Castle lands and
the Chapel itself is property of the Earls of Rosslyn?  So Sinclair is
raising money for its support, If I read correctly - at the permission
of St. Clair-Erskine?  I wonder if Caithness would care to fill in our
knowledge on this subject?
The whole history of Wedderburn, Lord Loughborough, Baron/Earl of
Rosslyn is from Burkes, copyright 2002.  I thought it not poltic to put
in all that I have for my own files.

ALEXANDER WEDDERBURN, 1st Earl of Rosslyn, was b at Edinburgh, 13 Feb
1733; admitted Advocate, Scotland 1754, Barrister-at-law, Inner Temple,
1757, MP for various  burghs 1761 thru 1780, Solicitor-Gen 1771,
Attorney Gen 1778, and elevated to the bench, as Ld Ch Justice of the
Court of Common Pleas 1780 when he was cr BARON LOUGHBOROUGH, of
Loughborough, Co Leicester (17 June 1780). In 1793, his Lordship was
apptd first commr. for keeping the Great Seal, and 27 Jan 1793,
constituted LORD HIGH CHANCELLOR OF GREAT BRITAIN. On the 31st of Oct
1795, he obtained a new patent, creating him BARON LOUGHBOROUGH, of
Loughborough, Surrey, with remainder, in default of male issue, to his
nephew, Sir James St Clair Erskine, 6th Bt, and after him, to John
Erskine, the bro of Sir James, and 21 Apr. 1801, he was advanced to the
dignity of EARL OF ROSSLYN, Co Midlothian...........
And much more after this. As you see a gentleman of some political
It is interesting that the Wedderburns of Virginia were quite prominent
in their time. For anyone interested, I will pick up some of that early
information.  Sorry I dropped the ball in transferring all the relevant
information.  Sally

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