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St. Clair-Erskine again

>From a different source:  (un-named for the moment) I think the below is
from our own Sinclair history:
                                                    St. Clairs of

William Sinclair, 20th Baron of Rosslyn d. 1778
 m. Cordelia d/o Sir George Wishart BT of Clifton Hall
 Ch. 3 sons 5 daughters.  All died except daughter Sarah, wife of Sir
 Wedderburn of Chester Hall through whom the succession then passed to
their son Alexander.
Sarah's daughter Janet m. Sir  Henry Erskine, 5th BT of Alva.
 Having no male heir, he resigned his office as hereditary Grand Master
Mason of Scotland to the Scottish Lodges at their foundation in 1736.
The Lodges then appointed him as the first non-hereditary Grand Master

Gen. 1778, Lord Chief Justice 1780, and Lord Chancellor in Pitt's
government 1793-1801.  m. twice but no children; titled passed to his
nephew, the son of Janet Wedderburn St. Clair Erskine

 Sir James St. Clair Erskine 2nd Earl of Rosslyn      d. 1837
 Member of Parliament for Castle Rising, Morpeth and Kircaldy, Dir. Gen.
 Chancery in Scotland, Lord Pres. of the Council and Grand Master Mason
 m. Henrietta Bouverie, d/o Hon. Edward Bouverie
 Ch. James Alexander St. Clair Erskine

 James Alexander St. Clair Erskine 3rd Earl of Rosslyn  d. 1866
 under secretary of State for War in 1859
 m. Frances Wemyss d/o Lt. Gen. Wm. Wemyss of Wemyss Castle in Fife
 Ch:  Son, Francis Robert St. Clair Erskine,  4th Earl

 Francis Robert St. Clair Erskine 4th Earl  of Rosslyn   d. 1890
 High Commissioner to Gen. Assembly of Church of Scotland 4 times,
captain of Corps of Gentlemen at Arms.  He was a poet and might have
succeeded Tennyson but for his death in 1890. Breeder and trainer of
horses, member of Jockey Club. Buried in S.E. corner of Chapel gardens.
1881 added apse to Chapel for a baptistery with an organ loft above.
 m. Blanche Adeliza d/o Henry Fitzroy
 Ch: James Francis Harry , Millicent m. heir  to Duke of Sutherland.

 James Francis Harry St. Clair Erskine 5th  Earl  d. 1939
 Wrote "my Gamble With Life 1928 about his addiction of gambling.
Resigned commission in Fife Light Horse.  Rebuffed when he tried to
rejoin regiment at outbreak of Boer War.  He then went as a war
correspondent to S. Africa where he took part in the relief of Ladysmith
and was taken prisoner twice.
 He wrote of this in "Twice Captured".
m. Violet d/o Robert Charles de Grey Vyner who divorced him
 m. 2nd Georgeianna, an American; div. in 2 years
 m. 3rd 1908.  Succeeded by his grandson.

 Anthony Hugh Francis Harry St. Clair Erskine 6th Earl  d. 1977
 Ch:     ????St. Clair Erskine 7th Earl

Alexander (St. Clair-Erskine)did much to preserve the Chapel.  Had a bad
temper and when reprimanded for intemperate remarks during a trial
defending his friends Adam Smith and David Hume, he tore off his gown
and vowed never to return to the Scottish Court again, and didn't. 1780
created Baron Loughborough of Surrey.

In 1801 21st Baron was recreated 1st Earl of Rosslyn in the county of

3rd Earl restored the Chapel

4th Earl also inherited 3,000 acre estate in Fife worth 9,000 pounds in
rents and coal-mining royalties. In 1870 he held the Grand Masonic Fete
at Rosslyn attended by over 1,000 freemasons. 1871 elected 69th Grand
Master Mason of Scotland.  When he declined, a petition of 7,000
signatures persuaded him.
Author of volume of Sonnets 1883 and Sonnets and Poems 1889.  His "Love
that lasts Forever" written as a Jubilee Lyric 1887 and dedicated to
Queen Victoria was published at her command. Ambassador Extraordinary to
Madrid for marriage of Alfonso XII to Mercedes de Bourbon Jan. 1878.
When the 18 yr old bride died, Francis wrote an elegy.

we thank with brief thanksgiving
  that no life lasts forever
  that dead men rise up never
  and even the weariest river
  winds somewhere safe
  to the sea

At the 5th Earl's wedding, his close friend, the Prince of Wales (later
King Edward VII) proposed the toast. The Prince was the godfather of the
Earl's son. Race horse owner.  His horse Buccaneer won Gold Cup at
Ascot.  But was a gambler who lost heavily, horses, roulette tables of
Cannes and Monte Carlo.  In 6 years after inheriting much he was
bankrupt.  With friends he formed
"Lord Rosslyn's Theatrical Performances" and joined a touring company.
This did not please the Prince of Wales.  In 1897 toured with Trelawny
of the Wells and met 2nd wife.  Worked 1917-23 as dir. of Dysart