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Re: In the News

>This morning on the news they were saying Scotland has the largest
>concentration of UFO'S!!
>The reason why I'm saying this is the media doesn't like to talk about
>the ET word and a couple
>of days ago they were talking about the cattle and therozing about extra
>terrestorial..This is twice
>on the news within a week period of time...I don't reacall them ever
>talking about it befor except
>to deny that they even exist...Just thought it was interesting...

I would never deny that cattle exist; I see them most every morning,
here in the mud puddle in the middle of the cow pasture.

Some of them are even extra-territorial, having gotten in from the
adjoining pasture through a hole in the fence.

>as always

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>
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