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Re: Rosslyn line, was Kings of Poland

>Dear Sinclair,
>I suppose the information that Glen is referring to came from the plaque
>installed at Rosslyn in 1977 by the Erskine-St. Clairs, "The Rosslyn Family
>Tree". See website below:


>Am I reading the chart wrong, or does this put St. Clair blood in the Earls
>of Rosslyn?

That chart does.  However, Burkes does not, nor does any other source
I've seen, including Wedderburn family histories.  They all say this:

>>Burke's lists the of Alexander Wedderburn, 1st Earl of Rosslyn's mother as
>>Janet OGILVY, daughter of Capt. David OGILVY.

Now the Erskine family did have Sinclair blood several generations before,
and Alexander's sister Janet married an Erskine, from whom the 2nd and all
later Earls of Rosslyn are descended, so they do have Sinclair blood.
According to Burke's, when Alexander Wedderburn was made Lord Loughborough
the plan was that that title was to pass to his nephew Sir James Erskine,
and the same plan was followed with the Rosslyn title.

The only puzzler is why the chart at Rosslyn Chapel pictured says Alexander
Wedderburn's mother was a St. Clair while all other sources say she was
Janet Ogilvy.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>
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