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Re: Rosslyn line,

Dear All:
John Quarterman drew my attention to the contradiction that is being
discussed here.

I had made some enquiries at Rosslyn when Sinclair first mentioned this a
few months back.

Stuart Beattie sent me several JPGs of the chart which is in the Chapel and
a copy of which is also, I think, in the National Gallery.   This is the
history of the Rosslyn Family from William "The Last Rosslyn"  to the
present line and shows the descent through the female line (twice) and this
is the Chart that John has on the web page and which has been referrred to
by others. Unfortunately,  this descent is  contradicted by Burkes and
Debrett's in a couple of salient places also referred to above and I am
curious as to how this gets resolved.    I have made some enquiries  and
await  replies which, no doubt, will come in the fullness of time.

All  good things are worth waiting for -- even answers to genealogical

Rory in Toronto.
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> That is an interesting chart but the line of decent is contradictory to

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