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Re: Rosslyn line, was Kings of Poland

Dear Sinclair,

I suppose the information that Glen is referring to came from the plaque
installed at Rosslyn in 1977 by the Erskine-St. Clairs, "The Rosslyn Family
Tree". See website below:


According to the plaque, Sir William St. Clair, "Last St. Clair Rosslyn"
married Cordelia, daughter of George Wishart, and they had 3 sons and 4
daughters who died young. The chart shows a direct line under them to a
"Sarah", seeming to indicate another daughter, who married Peter Wedderburn,
appearing to be a brother to Janet who married Sir Henry Erskine. It appears
that Sir Alexander Wedderburn, Lord Longbough, 1st Earl, was the son of
Peter and Sarah.

Meanwhile....Sir William, at his death in 1735 settled his estate upon James
St. Clair, 10th Lord St. Clair, son of Henry, 9th Lord St. Clair.
James died without issue, and passed the estate to James Patterson, a
nephew, son of sister, Grizel, and husband John Patterson. James Patterson
later changed his name to St. Clair (everybody seems to want a name that
many of us was born with).
James Patterson also died without issue, passing the estate to Sir James
Erskine, later Erskine-St. Clair, son of Katherine, who appears to be also a
brother of Sir James St. Clair. James succeded Alexander Weddingburn,
becoming 2nd Earl of Rosslyn. His descendants continued to be the Earls of

Am I reading the chart wrong, or does this put St. Clair blood in the Earls
of Rosslyn?

Stan St. Clair (Not Erskine)

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>dear Glen Cook
>Burke's lists the of Alexander Wedderburn, 1st Earl of Rosslyn's mother as
>Janet OGILVY, daughter of Capt. David OGILVY.  Alexander appears to be only
>married once,.his wife is  Alexander married Hon. Charlotte COURTENAY,

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