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Re: Rosslyn line, was Kings of Poland

dear Glen Cook

Burke's lists the of Alexander Wedderburn, 1st Earl of Rosslyn's mother as
Janet OGILVY, daughter of Capt. David OGILVY.  Alexander appears to be only
married once,.his wife is  Alexander married Hon. Charlotte COURTENAY,
daughter of William COURTENAY 1st Viscount Courtenay and Lady Frances FINCH,
on 12 Sep 1782 in Ellaston Derby. Charlotte was born on 21 Jan 1750. She
died on 23 May 1826. The marriage of Alexander's sister Janet to  Sir Henry
ERSKINE of Alva, 5th Bt., son of Sir John ERSKINE of Alva, 3rd Bt. and
Catherine SINCLAIR, in 1761. and only when Alexander dies without issue do
we have any Sinclair connection to the Earldom of Roslin.To me that appears
to be from Janet's Mother-in-Law I am sure that I am missing something. I am
not good at genealogy matters, can you be kind enought to supply a reference
for Sarah?


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> Labehotiere inquires
> <Where does Sarah St Clair come from?
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> <Where did sarah come from?

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