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Re: New Research Centre

Larger Premises cause delayed Opening of the New Historical Research Centre.

Further to our earlier announcement we are happy to inform you that the
patrons of the new historical research centre have located and purchased a
small picturesque chateau offering far  better facilities for our purpose.
The chateau is situated near the Normandy town of Vernon. The new premises
will allow us to offer a better quality of service in truly historical

However, as we do not take possession until the end of June, keeping to our
planned opening date of July 19th  has proved impossible. In order to allow
sufficient time for furnishing the premises and arranging the necessary
shipment of books required, the opening day has been deferred for a period
of six to eight weeks. The website at www.sinclaireurope.com  will be
updated as soon as possible with further details of the new premises, a
mission statement and news of our forthcoming publications and activities.

All correspondents who have expressed interest in the project will be
formally invited to the opening as soon as the date has been fixed and my
new address and telephone number will be circulated within a couple of days
of taking possession.

We can still be contacted at twallace-murphy@supenet.com
or at tim@templartim.freeserve.co.uk.

Tim Wallace-Murphy (Director)

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Alexander Wedderburn, 1st Earl of Rosslyn (Lord Loughborough) (1733-1805),
Lord Chancellor Passed from the Scottish to the English bar, rose to be Lord
Chief-Justice of the Common Pleas, and later, Lord Chancellor, under the
title of Lord Loughborough, Earl of Rosslyn, etc. He died in 1803, without
suviving issue, when his honours passed (under special remainder) to the son

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