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Re: Rosslyn line, was Kings of Poland

Alexander Wedderburn, 1st Earl of Rosslyn (Lord Loughborough) (1733-1805), Lord Chancellor Passed from the Scottish to the English bar, rose to be Lord Chief-Justice of the Common Pleas, and later, Lord Chancellor, under the title of Lord Loughborough, Earl of Rosslyn, etc. He died in 1803, without suviving issue, when his honours passed (under special remainder) to the son of his sister, and the male line of his grandfather vecame extinct.

His father was Peter WEDDERBURN of Chesterhall who died on 11 Aug 1756.his mother was Janet OGILVY, daughter of Capt. David OGILVY. Janet died in Jun 1771. Where does Sarah St Clair come from?

Alexander's sister  Janet who died in 1767 Janet married Sir Henry ERSKINE of Alva, 5th Bt., son of Sir John ERSKINE of Alva, 3rd Bt. and Catherine SINCLAIR, in 1761. Sir Henry died in 1765 in Marylebone Middx

Where did sarah come from?


Ref Burkes Peerage