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Re: Kings of Poland

>St Clairs are not the deposed Polish Royal family.  Swedish super sleuth The
>enchanting Lena A Löfström  has kindly supplied me with the following

What were her sources for this information?

>  The deposed King of Poland's

Presumably this kind was Stanislas Augustus Poniatowski, crowned in 1764,
assisted in the constitution of 1791, forced to abdicate in the Partition
of 1795, died in 1798.

 "Poland is not dead whilst we live,
 What others took by force, with the sword will be taken back.
 March march, Dabrowski, from Italy's soil to Poland!
 Through your leadership we will reunite the nation."

Stanislas II was installed and deposed by Catherine of Russia.
Among his military men was General Charles Lee, a survivor of
the Braddock expedition of 1755, who returned to American in 1773
and was active in the later war there.

> son Stanislas

This is the only son I can find mention of:

 1b) Stanislaw Ct Konopnicy Grabowski (1780-Dresden 1845); m.1st Cecilia
 Dembowska (19 Dec 1787-17 Jan 1821); m.2d 8 May 1822 Julia Css Zabiello;
 he left issue, the Counts Konopnicy Grabowski


Apparently he was illegitimate; thus the different family name.

>   was the pretender
>to the Polish throne.  He produced two children. One apparently died without
>issue. The other was the Pretender he produced one child, a girl.

What was her name?

> That woman
>then became the Pretender.  That woman married Alexander Weddburn, the Earl
>of Roslin in 1833.

According to Burke's,
 ``ALEXANDER WEDDERBURN, 1st Earl of Rosslyn, was b at Edinburgh, 13 Feb 1733;
 His Lordship dsps 3 Jan 1805,....''

So in 1833 two things were notable about the 1st Earl of Rosslyn:
 1) He would have been 100 years old, and quite spry to be getting married.
 2) He had been dead for 28 years.

Other sources, such as the University of Michigan,


agree on the year of the 1st Earl of Rosslyn's death.

The incumbent Earl of Rosslyn in 1833, according to Burke's, was
 ``SIR JAMES ST. CLAIR-ERSKINE, 6th Bt, 2nd Earl of Rosslyn, KG, CB,
 a Gen Offr, Col of the 9th Regt of Dragoons, s  to the estates at Dysart,
 Rosslyn, and elsewhere of the St Clair family, and assumed the additional
 name of ST. CLAIR, by Roy Licence 9 June 1789; b 1762; m 1790, Henrietta
 Elizabeth (d 8 Aug 1810), est dau of Hon Edward Bouverie s of 1st Viscount
 Folkestone (see BURKE's PEERAGE & BARONETAGE 1999 edn, RADNOR, E),''

Burke's doesn't list a Polish wife for either the 1st or 2nd Earl of Rosslyn.
Nor does it list any Earl of Rosslyn as being married in 1833.
Nor does a search in Burke's for Poniatowski yield any results.
Nor does a search in Burke's for Grabowski yield any results.

> Their two children were styled de Saint Clair and the son
>Stanislas became the Polish Pretender.  He died without issue.   His sister
>produced two children who once the boy died without issue.  His sister after

What are the names of these various children?

>her marriage to Jean Woycicki lost the de Sinclair designation.

What is the source for all this?

> I still do
>not understand why the Weddburn Earls of Roslin became St Clair-Erskin. I
>cannot find any Sinclair blood in them.  Hopefully The Earl of Caithness, our
>clan Chief, can delineate the connection.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>

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