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Kings of Poland

St Clairs are not the deposed Polish Royal family.  Swedish super sleuth The
enchanting Lena A Löfström  has kindly supplied me with the following
information.  The deposed King of Poland's son Stanislas   was the pretender
to the Polish throne.  He produced two children. One apparently died without
issue. The other was the Pretender he produced one child, a girl. That woman
then became the Pretender.  That woman married Alexander Weddburn, the Earl
of Roslin in 1833. Their two children were styled de Saint Clair and the son
Stanislas became the Polish Pretender.  He died without issue.   His sister
produced two children who once the boy died without issue.  His sister after
her marriage to Jean Woycicki lost the de Sinclair designation. I still do
not understand why the Weddburn Earls of Roslin became St Clair-Erskin. I
cannot find any Sinclair blood in them. Hopefully The Earl of Caithness, our
clan Chief, can delineate the connection.


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