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Re: Scottish Tartans Society, Scotland & NC

Hi Mel,

Thanks for getting back to me. I would really like to make Grandfather
Mountain, but I'm afraid I' going to have to be in Florida that week for a
Regional Director's meeting with my primary company.

I'm really looking forward to Stone Mountain. Hope to meet you at the
sponsorship banquet on Friday night.

The website for the Tartan museum is a very detailed one, and covers a lot
of history as well as detailing the museum. I was aware of it but hadn't
been on it before. Thanks for placing it at my fingertips.

We are not far from Helen, either: a Bravarian village in Georgia. So many
great attractions are within driving distance here in the mountains. The
Biltmore really gives the feel of Europe.

See you soon,

Stan the Man St. Clair

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Date: Monday, June 17, 2002 2:50 PM
Subject: Scottish Tartans Society, Scotland & NC

>Thanks for the message re: the Scottish Festival at Franklin, NC.
>Franklin is only a couple of hours or so from Greenville, SC (where we
>live).  Aside from the Scottish interests, it is a great motorcycle
>ride!  Asheville (NC), Cherokee (NC), Gatlinburg (Tn), Helen (Ga);

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