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Re: Kings of Poland

"John S. Quarterman" skrev:

> >St Clairs are not the deposed Polish Royal family.  Swedish super sleuth The
> >enchanting Lena A Löfström  has kindly supplied me with the following
> >information.
> What were her sources for this information?

My source was a paper Niven sent me a long time ago and at the top it says:
"C.E.D.K or R. E. No. 35, September 1988.


> >  The deposed King of Poland's
> Presumably this kind was Stanislas Augustus Poniatowski, crowned in 1764,
> assisted in the constitution of 1791, forced to abdicate in the Partition
> of 1795, died in 1798.
>  http://shop.store.yahoo.com/britishbooks/2032.html
>  http://www.kasprzyk.demon.co.uk/www/Decline.html
>  "Poland is not dead whilst we live,
>  What others took by force, with the sword will be taken back.

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