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Timeline Albigensian Crusade

Dear Wallace-Murphy

Why did not the Templars or Knights Hospitaler take part in the Albigensian
Crusade?  Both had Aurberges in the Languedoc both were warriors of God, so
they said.  Both orders were at the bidding of the pope.

The timeline states that the Albigensian Crusade took place in Southwest
France.  The Languedoc was part of the Kingdom of Aragon until 1258 AD.

The Cathar belief system shared many elements of Templar belief. The Cathar
belief system is crucial to the understanding of some of Rosslyn's

How naughty to rely on a primary source like the Anglo Saxon Chronicles for
the place of Margaret birth. You are spoiling the fun.

For a Norman weather report I suggest Le Figaro or
http://meteo.voila.fr/Meteo/wfrance. Next you will ask for an emoticon.


REF: State and Society in Medieval Europe: Gwynedd and Languedoc under
Outside Rule JAMES B. GIVEN
(1990) Cornell University Press
isbn:  0-8014-9774-4

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> 1208-1229 & 1212-1234 Correct dates for the Albigensian Crusade are 1209
> calling of Crusade by Pope Innocent III and Seiege and fall of Beziers.
> continued until the fall of Montsegur in 1244.

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