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More Timeline amendments.

Dear Friends,

Last of present list of suggested amendments and areas for investigation on
Clan SinClair USA Timeline.

Entry for 1296-1357 Suggest that this is read, thought about and deleted.

1297. Why the inclusion of Scrymgeor - what is the source and justification?

1362. The allegation that Earl Henry met Knutson at this time is completely
false as Knutson never retrurned from his expedition to America, very few
survivors of his party did so and he was not among them.

1380 Strongly suggest all deletions of Cannon from this and subsequent
entries. Cannon for Naval use had not been developed at this time. Accounts of
the Battle of Chioggia speak of the use of rockets but not cannon. Rockets
were the precursors of cannon in warfare and large clumsy cannon had been used
in sieges since 1326-7 but had not been refined and adapeted for naval warfare
at this time. This error derives from Andrew Sinclairs work in which he states
that cannon were used and were manufactured at the Arsenale in Venice.
Difficult as the Arsenale was not founded until circa 1437 or therabouts.

Best wishes

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