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More Timeline suggestions

Dear Friends,

More suggestions for further investigation and correction of the Clan Sinclair
USA Timeline.

Entry for 1047 Battle of Val-es-Dunes. Suggest consult Sinclair who has
accurate information on this point.

1066 Nine Sinclair Knights at Battle of Hastings - not according to the Battle
Abbey Rolls, Suggest reading them and amend accordingly.

1118 Completly wrong in that Godfroi de Boullion had nothing to do with the
founding of the Knights Templar as he had died eight years earlier. see one of
my recent postings for a complete list of the founding knights.

1129 No eveidence exist for this mariage of Catherine St Clair and Hugh de
Payen See my earlier posting in this respect.

1208-1229 & 1212-1234 Correct dates for the Albigensian Crusade are 1209
calling of Crusade by Pope Innocent III and Seiege and fall of Beziers. War
continued until the fall of Montsegur in 1244.
Cathars were undoubtedly Christian.

More to come later.

Best wishes

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