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Some Timeline corrections for Clansinclairusa

Dear Friends,

Here are some suggested amendments and areas for further study and
investigation that are necessary on the early entries on Timeline published by
the Clansinclairusa webpages to be found at:


Problematic areas on other Timelines and websites will be posted seperately as
time prmits and to avoid confusion or overload.

Entry for 24,00Bc- 1200Bc Suggest delate references for 'Mediterannean Cartel'
as no evidence for such a sweeping statemen will ever be found. It would be
permissable to say that worked copper of this molecular structure has been
found in the Mediteranean basin, but how it got there is not known.

Entry for 3AD. D.o.B. of Jesus. Consensus of biblical scholars points to 6 BC
as the most likely date.

Entry for 911 AD. Treaty of St Claire-sur-Epte an oral agreement not a signed
treaty. (If its any consolation, I too fell into this error in earlier works).
More importantly, the statement that the marriage between Rollo and Giselle
produced no children is contradicted by the Genealogie des Rois de France
which list three such offspring.

Entry for 1000 AD. Please read the Viking Sagas. While all of these people
crossed the Atlantic, they did so sucessively in different sailing seasons. To
state categorically that they all did so in the same year is wrong.

Entry for 1027. Delate the stated relationship	as cousins between William the
Bastard and the St Clairs - unless irrefutable proof, which is at presnt
unknown to the majority of historians, is available and published

Entry for 1048 suggest stringent checking of the place of birth of Margret. Am
at present away from home and cannot check my records but, to the best of my
knowledge and belief, she was born in Wessex.

That all for now folks, more later.

Best wishes

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