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Re: Some Timeline corrections for Clansinclairusa

Dear Wallace-Murphy

Margaret birth place is listed at various sources as Wessex or Hungary. I
have seen as many reference for one as the other. The Catholic Encyclopaedia
equivocates "The date of Margaret's birth cannot be ascertained with
accuracy, but it must have been between the years 1038, when St. Stephen
died, and 1057, when her father returned to England. It appears that
Margaret came with him on that occasion and, on his death and the conquest
of England by the Normans, her mother Agatha decided to return to the
Continent" Thurston, H.J., Attwater, D. Butler's Lives of the Saints.
Christian Classics, Inc., Westminster, MD 1938 says that "Margaret, despite
her appellation, was born a Saxon in 1046 and raised in Hungary" other
references are not definite "Margaret (born c. 1045) was the grand-daughter
of Edmund Ironside, King of the English, but was probably born in exile in
Hungary, and brought to England in 1057" The Gazetteer for Scotland. States
definitively that "The Saintly Queen. Hungarian-born queen of Malcolm
Canmore (Malcolm III), who she was forced to marry after fleeing from the
Norman invasion of England. "

It looks a bit you pay your money you take your choice but contemporaneous
reference, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles state that Margaret was born in
Are you relying on this primary source reference?


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