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RE: the Marquis de Lafayette

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>Dear Mel

>Thank you for the information.  Who actually has the trowel 
>now? What is a special brother? 

The trowel is held by the SC Grand Lodge in Lexington, SC (near the
state capital of Columbia, SC). When I am next in the Columbia area,
I'll try to stop by and photograph the Trowel.  I'll be glad to send you
a digital copy. 

Regarding my comment about the GM being a "special brother", I really
didn't mean anything of a Masonic (symbolic) nature by the word
"special".  It was however, very special to meet such a  man as the GM
when I was just getting "introduced" to Free Masonry.  At my first
dinner meeting, he heard someone mention the name Sinclair and
immediately came to talk with me.  The first question that he asked was
if I happened to be familiar with Rosslyn Chapel.  He brought me a
Rosslyn Chapel video tape at a subsequent meeting. (Of course, I already
had one!)  There just seemed to be a special bonding and we've hit it
off well ever since.  We are having our annual meeting of the Grand
Masters of Georgia and South Carolina tonight.  Our local lodge will
host the meeting.  I suspect there will be a 200+ in attendance.  In
fact, I must leave now as I will be doing the initial introduction of
the GM and need to do some preparation.

Best to you and thanks for the Lafayette information.  I will also share
it within the Fraternity.  I am always looking for further light.


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