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Re: Sinclair Timeline

Dear Sinclair:
This reply is simply wonderful.

"Ask and ye shall receive"  could not have a better correspondent.

Also thanks for the Alpabetical in your subsequent message.

Thomas, it would seem, is out there "twisting in the wind" (Villon)  but I
will leave it to others to see where on earth he got his ideas if indeed it
was from earth.

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Dear Rory
 The Roman de Rou, misquoted by Thomas Sinclair, is "La Chronique Ascendante
des Ducs de Normandie du Roman de Rou de Wace" The current ANGLO-NORMAN
ANONYMOUS published by the Haskins Society notes among other works on
Normandy published by the Presses Universitaires de Caen, Ren! Lepelley,

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