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Re: Sinclair Timeline

>There had been no one to date (at least since I have been on the list) who
>had any idea of where the 'mythical' 9 knights had come from.

Ray Lower on 18 June 1999 identified Thomas Sinclair as the source:

During the discussion then, both Niven and Laurel agreed that neither
Walderne nor Hamon were at Hastings.

We discussed this on the list again 1 January 2002:

As I said at the time:

>As to whether there were 1, 2, 8, 9, or 10 Sinclairs at Hastings,
>I really couldn't say.  Perhaps the current discussion on this topic
>will turn up more authoritative sources and conclusions.

Rory has now posted the relevant text from Thomas Sinclair's book:

That may provide some clues to go on.  The idea of seeing if Thomas left
his papers to any institution that may still have them is also worth
pursuing, as are other ideas so far mentioned and no doubt others that
will be brought up.

For example, Rory says Thomas Sinclair mentions Wace's Roman de Rou.
Master Wace was a Norman poet of the twelfth century:

He wrote his Roman de Rou for Henry II of England, about the dukes
of Normandy, from whom Henry II was of course descended:

No doubt everyone knows Henry II and Eleanor of Acquitaine
were the parents of Richard Lionheart and John Lackland:


So Master Wace's work was basically a fancy Norman pedigree for
the ruling Angevin family of England (and half of France).

Here's an English translation, each page face to face with the
original medieval French, plus extensive notes:

Meanwhile, I've been asked whether or when I will update items such
as this on the web pages http://sinclair.quarterman.org/.  The answer
is yes, when I have better information and when I have time.  There
are several cases where I now have the former, and as my budget of
no more than an hour a day for genealogy (most of which I am now
spending on other families) permits, I will make updates.

I look forward to seeing more and improved information from the various
clan historians and genealogists and list participants.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>
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