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Re: discussion on other than family history


Briefly, I think this list is a treasure.  It's unfailingly interesting, and
has held my attention far longer than other "genealogy lists" that I
monitor.  The basic reason this list is so interesting, I believe, is
because of the very interesting community that participates.  The occasional
off-topic commentary gives us all interesting insights into our fellow
posters, and has, (for me at least), greatly enriched my enjoyment of the

We live in interesting times, and this list provides a personal but global
window into how others think about events.  We may disagree occasionally,
but as long as it is done with mutual respect, and doesn't aggravate others
too much, or dominate the list discussions, I think it is a net plus.  Most
off-topic subjects fade very quickly if there is little interest or
response.  Personally, I say "no harm, no foul".  On the other hand, I am a
grateful guest here, and have no right to suggest how the list ought to be
run.  It's John's call.

Best regards,


Sally Spangler wrote:

> To any who say that political discussion is off topic - you are right. I
> am equally guilty of such things. We had a good discussion on Geneva
> Convention some time ago and I was fully engaged in that.  By the time
> it wound down, there was a general consensus that maybe it didn't belong
> where we had discussed it.  To those who would like to continue the
> discussion, may I put forward an idea - our emails are visible, let us
> group together those emails and send out thoughts to those who wish to
> continue.  All in favor - my email is at the top. Sally

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