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Re: discussion on other than family history

>Personally, I say "no harm, no foul".  On the other hand, I am a
>grateful guest here, and have no right to suggest how the list ought to be
>run.  It's John's call.

To quote from the list introduction:

``Please note, once again, that what gets discussed in the list is determined
by the members of the list.  I am not a moderator; I do not decide what
gets posted or not.  I merely set up and maintain the mechanics of the list.
The content of the list is up to you, the su bscribers.''

The mechanics include certain guidelines about basic civility and the like,
which are in the list introduction:


Beyond that, it's up to you, the list members.

>Best regards,

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>
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