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RE: Plea for Masonic help - genealogy

I would suggest that you contact the Grand Secretary (GL of Virginia).
I would start with the assumption that he was a member of the lodge
nearest his home.  Knowledge of the location of his home, within a
certain radius, may be helpful to the Grand Secretary and to you with
your research.  Of course, the lodge may or may not exist at this time.
Hopefully there are records that will lead you to a good solution!  If
he held a "high" office, as you said, he may very well be in the records
of the Grand Lodge of Virginia.

The web page for the Grand Lodge of Virginia can be found at:


Contact info:
The Grand Lodge Ancient Free and Accepted Masons
of the Commonwealth of Virginia
4115 Nine Mile Road
Richmond, Virginia

Phone: 804-222-3110
FAX: 804-222-4253

E-mail:  grandlodge@rcn.com

Good luck.  

If you have any questions, please contact me off-list at:

Mel of South Carolina

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> Dear list Freemasons,
> If any help can be obtained on the ancestry of my great 
> uncle, Cephas Moyer Graham, I would be VERY GREATFUL. 
> Any help from the Masonic brothers of my great uncle Cephas 
> Graham would be GREATLY appreciated.
> Stan St. Clair, Georgia Commissioner, Clan Sinclair

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