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Plea for Masonic help - genealogy

Dear list Freemasons,

If any help can be obtained on the ancestry of my great uncle, Cephas Moyer Graham, I would be VERY GREATFUL. I have just learned recently from a photo of his tombstone, that he was a Freemason, and likely of high degree. His tombstone, which I believe to be near Roanoke, VA, is fairly large, and in the center of the top is a huge Masonic emblem. 

Information known: Uncle Cephas was a man of considerable wealth. He owned several businesses, as I was told by my father, and possibly a bank. He was born 26 June 1878, most likely the first child of William Graham and his first wife, whose name is unknown to me. He lived in southwest Virginia, and died 18 September 1947. He had at least one full brother, Brainard, who was of the Catholic faith, possibly because of his wife. Brainard died cerca 1953 - 1957, and his service was held at a Catholic church in Roanoke.

Apparently William, known as "Billy", lost his first wife to death, and remarried to my great grandmother, Fannie Rierson/ Riason. They had four daughters, no sons. Maggie, possibly Margaret, born 23 July 1887, married Sam Priddy, and died 8 1986 in a nursing home in Princton, WV. Maude, born 8 July 1898 maried a Brindle, and died 8 1970 in Danville, VA. Florence, born 7 May 1893, married a Ferris, died unknown. The last of William Graham's children was Lula Gay, my grandmother, born 29 July 1894 in Floyd Co., VA, and died 2 January 1958 in Christiansburg, Montgomery County, VA. She was married to Archie Morris St. Clair, my grandfather, who died very young. 

Any help from the Masonic brothers of my great uncle Cephas Graham would be
GREATLY appreciated.

Stan St. Clair, Georgia Commissioner, Clan Sinclair