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Re: Oh My

Your question hits the nub of the photo-essay:
We are more than what we ostensibly do for a living!

It was a job site of mine -  Lou Artebello is the guy in front of the "lunch
pail"  known in Canada as a "bin" and elsewhere as a "skip".

At the precise moment of the picture I was playing -- not contracting -- but
it does get fuzzy at times.

I have just been told that there is another photo of me on the main page at
http://cbc.ca/news/work/wherewework/    and if you click "more" you get to
the photo gallery that you have already seen.

If the photo you saw has a fellow that you think is a handsome devil,  then
you are right,  it must be a stand-in ... can't be me.

Will look for the St. Clair Wedderburn connection this weekend -- too much
piping/contracting at the moment.


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> Dear Rory
> Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane.

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