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Re: Rosslyn or Roslin

Thank you, John the article is most informative.  "...the village of Roslin
(different spelling, same origin: a Celtic name, meaning the waterfall by
the rocky promontory) ... The article
also states "These barons are the St Clair family, who have owned the Chapel
since its foundation in 1446 by Sir William St Clair, third Prince of
Orkney, and whose descendant, the 7th Earl of Rosslyn, owns it still."  I
know of no trace that unites the present owner Peter St Clair-Erksin, 7th
Earl of Rosslyn  with any Sinclair blood.  Erksin is descended from an Irish
Wedburn, who was created the first Earl of Rosslyn in 1801 but then the
world is divided into people who do things and people who get credit for
doing things

The article also states that "Freemasons, of which the St Clairs were
hereditary Grand Masters, " from list's discussions it would appear to be a
speculation rather than a factual statement.

The only thing that we all seem to agree on is regardless of age, gender,
religion or economic status,   Sinclairs know each and everyone of us, that
deep down inside, we are
superior motor car drivers.

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> >I'm not sure, but I feel that it is only a variant of the same name, such
> >St. Clair/ Sinclair. I have seen the town referred to as "Rosslyn".
> >Maybe someonne can solidify this conclusion.

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